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K&N Filters Press Release!

As sponsors of Bennett Racing since 2005, K&N Filters are no strangers to the drag racing scene so when we approached them about changing from our outdated conventional panel style oil filters they jumped at the chance to not only supply but to make sure it was the correct filter for this harsh environment.

And so begun many conversations to ascertain which style of filter would be right for two supercharged Chevrolet powered, methanol burning altereds with a combined horsepower of around 5,000!

Factors that K&N needed to consider were;

-Filter material

-Flow rating

-Spin on or inline

-Micron size

-Burst strength

-Overall size


We were very keen to reduce service time between rounds and the panel type we currently use requires 4 x 9/16” nuts removing, then the filter disassembled, cleaned and refitted…doesn’t sound much but when time is precious every minute counts.

In the end, we all agreed on the HP-3001 spin on filter (, at just under 6 inches this will give us more actual filter volume over the existing setup and couldn’t be faster to remove! Literally a 1 inch exposed nut designed for easy oil filter removal, not only this but gives the option to add lock wire if needed too.

Another key factor was weight, we’re actually saving 2lbs over the old system. Here are some key features;

-Provides over 550 psi hydrostatic burst strength

-Captures contaminants as small as 10 microns

- Use a resin-impregnated filter media to provide maximum filtering and an inner core to lend extra structural support to the filter, preventing filter collapse

-Industry standard 3/4-16 inch thread size

-Developed for demanding race applications

-Compatible with our Ravenol Lubricants 50wt oil

It was fantastic to rely on the many years of knowledge that K&N Filters possess and to 100% trust their advice and recommendations. We’re delighted to be supported by such a great company.


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