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ARP Automotive Racing Products Join Bennett Racing

Bennett Racing are delighted to announce our latest team sponsor, ARP Automotive Racing Products.

ARP Automotive Racing Products manufacturers fasteners for the racing industry, automotive aftermarket, industrial applications and aerospace projects.

Today, ARP’s product line contains thousands of part numbers, and has expanded to include virtually every fastener found in an engine and driveline. These range from quality high performance OEM replacement parts to exotic specialty hardware for Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR and NHRA drag racing and marine applications.

Nigel Atkinson, Head of European Operations said: “We’re delighted to have our name associated with one of the most proactive and well known drag racing teams in Europe. They have two phenomenal cars which are very exciting to watch.”

Bennett Racing are grateful to all at ARP and we’re really looking forward to the future working with them!

If you are on Facebook, head over to their Facebook page for more information!


No ties, you get content, we get exposure.
Family operated team since 1981.
Two race car, one race bike (coming)

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Santa Pod Raceway's events for 2018!

Great photo of our first race car named Phantasm. 1958 Ford Popular. Miss the old girl. One day we’d love to build a replica for a tow car.

R.I.P. Brett Henry

Amazing stuff guys! Huge well done to the Havoc team.

We are delighted to welcome CTM Performance onboard as a sponsor of Bennett Racing.

CTM Performance are a very well-established & respected engine modification company that have been in business since the early 1980’s. They offer a one stop full service & supply for engine reconditioning. From the initial assessment, design & planning, to the build, commissioning & ongoing maintenance of the modified engine. Services also include engine balancing & cylinder head modification.

As you can see from the photos, they have performed magic on our tired old billet heads, turning them into nearly new condition. Nick at CTM replaced all the valve guides, replaced all inlet & exhaust seats, converted them so we can use shaft mounted rockers rather than stud mounted, meaning a stronger valve geometry, & enlarged all push rod tube holes to take a larger diameter setup, lastly a minimum skim on both heads. So much care and pride has been shown in the work, thank you Nick, we’re chuffed to bits.

We literally couldn’t be happier, they are near on brand new and will enable us to push the Chevy combination to our custom camshafts 9,200rpm upper limit.

Check out their Facebook page of their website -



Winner picked when @bennettracinguk reach 2000 followers!

Your chance to win a signed A3 print (original painting by Paul Whitehouse Art). To enter: Simply FOLLOW @bennettracinguk & LIKE 5 of our photos (proves you're a human)

Our latest sponsor news will drop soon. If anyone guesses it from these shots at their location then you're clearly clairvoyant....

Pit Posse Join Bennett Racing

Bennett Racing are delighted to announce our latest team sponsor, Pit Posse Motorsports.

Pit Posse Motorsports are an online retailer and manufacture of Motorsport and Motorcycle Accessories, Tools and Trailer/Garage/Shop Accessories and more.

Supporting some of the top racers and race teams in the game. Including Trey Canard, Justin Barcia, Haiden “Danger Boy” Deegan, Traders MX Racing, and now Bennett Racing are added to this list.

Barrett Smith, regional sales and marketing director said: “We’re delighted to have our name associated with one of the best and well known drag racing teams in Europe. They have two phenomenal cars which are very exciting to watch.”

Bennett Racing are grateful to all at Pit Posse and we’re really looking forward to the future working with them!

The late Brian Johnson

Luke Bennett (right) with the late Brian Johnson at Avon Park around 1992(?) - also with Lee Webb (left) rocking the mullet.

Love photos like this....sure he had just ran a 6.11 or 6.22 (I forget). Proper.

K&N Filters Press Release!

View here.

Get yourself to Santa Pod this weekend! Main event time!

I will just leave this here...

Inlet manifold surgery

As with everything in motorsport, it's the little details that all add up. Somehow I spent a couple of hours fettling a few jobs I have wanted to do for years on the inlet manifold and I am still not finished. The aim is the make the car quicker but also to make servicing easier.

Also fitting a tempurature sensor to the manifold as I am keen to learn more on the boost temp and more over how we can reduce it.

Lots done but nothing to show for it. #standard

Billy Monger

Our thoughts and prayers are with fellow racer Billy Monger and his family.

Credit where it's due... fantastic service as always from RBS Superchargers

RBS Superchargers is a business that was born out of our love for racing. RBS has years and years of experience to help the first time beginner to the seasoned veteran produce the most power and reliability on their supercharged engine.

Early days...

First event with the Topolini back in 1992. Chevy powered of course.

Standard GM iron block, standard GM iron heads, standard GM forged crankshaft, tired supercharger.

We went 7.33 with this combo. Then 7.03 with aluminium heads.

Down to 6.42 @ 181mph now.

6.09 is the target. #bennettracing

Jonnie Lindberg doing Europe proud!

Not Bennett Racing, but deserves a mention! Final in the first event, quicker on the tree and it could of been a close one...

EKanooRacing's Pro RCF Runs [email protected]/H(277.99MPH)


Happy New Year to all from Bennett Racing. Have a happy and safe 2017

Our favourite

Another fantastic event, the Easter Thunderball, 2009 at Santa Pod raceway. This was a 4 day event. and we broke a lifter on a warm up on the thursday....needed cam and lifter, but it was raining so we worked like maniacs to get it fixed, as ever thanks to the Glassups for the lifters, to Steve and Adam for driving to Somerset to collect! My old man and me replaced the cam and got everything ready, 7hrs later they returned, we fitted the motor back together and fired the motor, best, sound, ever. Then the rain stopped! We then ran a very soft 6.90 with few pedals, no timing and fat as hell, then met Tony Betts in final, day before he ran a stout 6.50 @220mph so we knew we had to step it up, we won the final with a 6.63 @ 181mph (1000 foot pass). Loved it. The cheers we got we never be forgotten, from the crowd and fellow NFAA racers.


CONFIRMED: Drag Racing is the most Xtreme Sport on the Planet!

We are in the generational time now that extreme sports are all that people seem to want to talk about. Whether it's X Games, MMA, or just about anything in between. Here's the problem, there are too many people that forget drag racing is the original, ultimate extreme sport. Drag racing is the most extreme sport on the planet...PERIOD.

Cracking second day at the Buster Lang American car show!

Slowly but surely...

Slowly (very) getting there with the engine for the ‪'32 Bantam altered. We're taking our time as I can't afford to go wrong! Next job is to machine and fit TDC pointer. Anyone building anythinf custom knows that it takes time to get it right and nothing usually bolts straight on.

NHRA - Fire Breathing Monsters

This video is a must watch! "Fire Breathing Monsters" is an aggressive and noisy -- yet surprisingly intimate -- tribute to the cars that run in the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series. Commissioned by Jim Jannard, founder of RED Digital Cinema, on behalf of the NHRA, this seven-minute documentary spotlights the uniquely American passion for speed.

2000 horsepower awaits

At last, parts are bought or made and we can begin the build of the engine for the Supercharged Outlaw '32 Bantam. Features a solid Donovan block based on a MK4 big block Chevy, SCAT Pro Series 4340 forged crankshaft, Brooks B2 aluminium rods, CP forged pistons, King engine bearings throughout, Brodix BB3 aluminium heads, T&D shafts and rockers, New Century rocker covers with valve spring oilers, Moroso 2 piece oil pan, BDS blower manifold (to be replaced with INDY piece in 2017), BDS 8/71 supercharger, Geredot upright injector. Roll on Saturday when we get cleaning and then lay the crank!

Turn back time...

One of my favourite events, the Summer Nationals 2009, we ran 6.69 @ 193mph, 6.65 @ 175mph, 6.42 @ 191mph, 6.57 @ 196mph. And won the event. Loved it.

Thanks to Performance Unlimited

The crankshaft for the '32 Bantam has arrived! Big thanks to Dave at for the great service.

Built not bought

We're possibly slightly biased, but we believe making something yourself is far more rewarding than buying it... that and the fact we don't have the $$$! This is the development of our own big block Chevy crank support. As ever a massive thank you to Smiths Metals for the materials! The entire piece is to be made from T6 aluminium. Will be very strong and hopefully look nice too!

Supercharger preperation

Prepping the #boostmaker‬ ‪#‎bennettracing‬ ‪#‎monsterenergy‬ ‪#‎dragracing‬

Buster Lang Car Show

We're delighted to announce that we have been invited to attend this fantastic event. We will be there for the whole weekend and will be firing the car too! THE BIG SHOW 13th and 14th AUGUSTSandown Park Racecourse2 Huge Indoor Exhibition Halls$ 1500 US Dollar Prize FundWorld Famous Buster Lang TrophiesBuster Lang NASCAR Karting ChallengeTrade StandsEntertainment


6 hours spent on the topolino body today, fresh sponsor decals looking great!

Grime Boss cleaning up

We have teamed up with Grime Boss to offer our fans the chance to win 2 packs of the awesome Grime Boss heavy duty hand wipes! Perfect for the workshop, DIY'er, fishing, cyclist, gardeners, camping, you name it, these wipes handle it!

3 speed magic

Great day in the workshop, crank and cam in the Donovan block. Went in like a dream. Spins absolutely beautiful on the King Racing bearings. Really pleased. Photo next to our New Century block too, really shows the differences in them!

3 speed magic

Lenco gearbox rebuilt, oiled and ready to go. Thanks to Ravenol for a fantastic product! #bennettracing #gearbox #ravenoloils


The '32 Topolino chassis is painted, totally rewired and dash tested, fire bottles fitted and plumbed, new earths made for the 44amp mag, lenco shifter buttons checked, rebuilt and fitted, fuel and puke tanks polished and fitted. Nearly at a rolling chassis then we can get on building the New Century Performance big block Chevy engine. Progress a plenty. Still loads to do.

Serck Motorsport join Bennett Racing

Serck Motorsport have been providing performance cooling solutions to the racing industry since the early sixties to Historic Race Teams to present day Racing including Formula One. Their mission is simple - To supply the very best in Cooling Performance for whatever the application from F1 to Independent race teams.

They are able to design and manufacture the very best Aluminium Radiators, Oil Coolers and Intercoolers. They can also provide Sunoco Race Fuels, Driven Racing Oils, Spal Fans, Micron Photo Analysis, Flow Testing and Helium Pressure Testing. Drag Racing is a tremendous sport with a vast array of classes with the same Desire, Innovation and Passion to develop there cars to perform and deliver consistently. Serck Motorsport are only too proud to be suppliers to this unique arena and look forward to an exciting 2014 Season. Bennett Racing are very pleased to announce our latest sponsor. They join us for the 2014 season and beyond with a wealth of knowledge of high performance cooling solutions and the competition parts industry.

Racer of the week!

Bennett Racing selected to appear on Racer of the Week! Details kindly sent by John B below: "Coming up Monday, March 10th For Racer of the Week on Racin' and Rockin' with, I have selected Frank & Luke Bennett and the Bennett Racing Team from London, England. Luke was referred to me by Andrew Carpenter from Russ Carpenter Racing. Thanks, Andrew! The Bennett Racing Team has been around from the very beginning of British Motorsports, and their Fiat Topolino Hot Rod is the first Fuel Altered that I am featuring as Racer of the Week. There is a ton of history associated with Bennett Racing, their current projects are fantastic, and I am looking forward to presenting the details of this outstanding group's hot rods! The Bennet Racing Team's feature will be between 8:45 and 9:00 PM US Eastern Time in my segment of the show: "JB's Take". Welcome to the Racer of the Week club, Bennett Racing!"

Thank you to RPM Performance!

HUGE thank you to RPM Performance Products for the latest box of goodies! Can't wait to use our data logger for the first time. Going to help us go quicker. ‪#‎dataloggervirgins‬ ‪#‎dragracing‬ ‪#‎nfaa‬ ‪#‎bennettracing‬ ‪#‎santapod‬ ‪#‎rpmperformance‬ ‪#‎greatsponsor‬ ‪#‎gatherdata‬ ‪#‎webegettingmodern‬ ‪#‎billet‬ ‪#‎data‬ ‪#‎thankyou‬

50 shades of Grey

Fuck the release of the 50 shades of grey film. Here's our '50 shades of grey'*May not contain 50 shades. Please don't count... #50shadesofgrey #bennettracing

New Century Performance

Bennett Racing are very proud to announce our latest R&D Partner.They join us after discussions were struck up mid way through 2013 and we are delighted to say we will be using a New Century big block Chevy block, featuring reinforced lower end “skirting”, Billet Main Bearing Caps, 9/16” main studs and double cross-bolting. We will also use their Stage II Pro-Gear Drive, their spring oiler valve covers and wet sump oil pan.

Bennett Racing T-Shirts

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Bennett Racing Babes

#models Get yourself on the Bennett Racing website? Our most popular page (surprise) #babes

Slick Attire

Le Mans is almost here The days are getting longer, the weather warmer, LM24 will be here before you know it. I can almost smell those merguez sausages sizzling. SO, better get yourself kitted out then! Slick Attire have got three splendid new Le Mans 24h themed t-shirts to tempt you. Please allow us to present Centre d'endurance, Shanghai 24 Hueres and Twice round the clock. Visit the website for a closer look.

Speedway epicness

Not drag racing but just watched the #monsterenergyswc awesome final! Well done to Denmark, Iversen rode his arse off!


Bennett Racing are delighted to welcome our latest sponsor on-board, BossDog - Wraps & Vehicle Graphics.Whether you want to give your car a sleek new look with stealth black and carbon fibre finish, or add specially designed car graphics; you can expect nothing less than the best in customised vehicle wraps.

[email protected] need not apply...

Bennett Racing would like to make it clear that as of 2012, we have NO association or any ties with Torsten De Lange.

He is NOT part of Bennett Racing in any form.

He will NOT be driving for us, he will NOT be crewing for us.

Thank you.

European Burnout Championship

The European Burnout Championship brings the best of tyre smoking entertainment to the masses - Live for octane and shredding.Think they will let us enter with the '32 Topolino?!Head over to their Facebook and check it out, if you like what you see, hit that LIKE button!